Past Life Regression Therapy

is beneficial for those of you who have reached a point in your inner work and spiritual development and yet continue to find something stands in the way of further growth.  

If you have been questioning why certain issues continue to surface regardless of how much work you do on yourself, the answer may well be connected to a past life, however Past Life Healing Regression is in effect a last resort therapy so to speak and not to be taken lightly. 

We all carry many shadows and influences from past lives into future one’s for the purpose of balancing and healing them. Some of these become clear as we evolve and grow, but others remain beyond our conscious reach as they are blocked by our physical amnesia, which is the way it’s meant to be. If we retained all the conscious knowledge we required to learn and evolve in any given lifetime, we would have no experiences at all, and in a sense the life would be ‘wasted’ by our simply waiting for things to unfold the way we imagine or hope they should.

Even if and when we are privy to this information, there is still work required on our part so that we can manifest and fulfill our sacred contracts. This work encompasses many of our Divine gifts to our selves so as to experience, learn and further evolve spiritually. However, when we learn the underlying core of our issues, these life experiences and lessons take on a gentler more joyous essence and we can avoid self-sabotaging inner dialogues and judgments for past and present decisions. These past life influences also carry guilt, fear, promises, decisions and vows we need to let go of as they may have served their purpose in the circumstances of a past life, but only serve to block our progress and growth in the current one.

Just as we have human characteristics, we also have soul characteristics and these serve as our tools to evolve, although they carry a very different energetic vibration in our physical incarnations than they do in our spiritual life between lives, as they are infused with the human ego and other negative physical imprints by our surroundings and so forth. Whereas to our spiritual selves, these characteristics are presented as non-judgemental exciting challenges for us on the physical plane for the sole – no pun intended - purpose of our evolution.

With that said; and as exciting as it may sound to explore a past life, and yes it is, it is also vitally important you do so with the pure intention to heal and enrich your life rather than for the purpose of idle curiosity. Due to my own experiences and my profound respect for all that is Divine, it is my belief that we do not recall all of our past lives for a reason and are only guided to recall certain ones for the purpose of healing the stumbling blocks, pain and discomfort they are creating for us in the here and now.

The technique I am qualified to carry out is all-rounded – no stone left unturned so to speak and therefore requires your pure intention and commitment to the intense healing and processing that follows. This process may be emotionally overwhelming and uncomfortable at times, but the end result is always worth the time and effort you dedicate to it. 

There are four sessions in total and as they all have a good reason for being implemented as part of the technique, it is vital that all four are completed so that no work is left unfinished. These regressions are carried out in the form of gently guided relaxation/meditations and you will clearly understand and remember everything that occurs throughout.

These sessions require our full attention for as much time as needed, as they can take anything from 2 - 5 hours therefore it is also important that you clear your calendar for the day of session 2 & 3 so that our work and your processing the information afterwards is not blocked or restricted by time. 

It is important that the last 2 are carried out as close as possible together – minimum of a week in-between, however the first three are not restricted by time between them. Completing all four sessions is essential if your intention is to heal as there truly is no point in having all the information about a past life and not knowing what to do with it or how to heal the influences as was my own experience.

 Session 1 - Intake Interview / Pre-Counselling

This session is an imperative first step in the process and provides us with the information required to pinpoint the issues etc in the past life that will be explored by establishing the issues you are dealing with that are effecting your current lifetime, which require healing within the past life. Through a process of pertinent questions, we get all the information we require successful PL exploration and healing. 

It is imperative that any current lifetime issues don't interfere with this process as these tend create blocks during the past life exploration.

We all have current lifetime issues that need to be dealt with in the here and now, and therefore this Intake interview / Pre-counselling session will assess whether other work is required prior to embarking on the Past Life Regression process.

As it is important that you feel completely safe and comfortable with me as a therapist to carry out this intense soul work, this first session also helps us create a balanced client/therapist relationship as in effect we are taking a journey together and your trust in me as you "guide" is an essential component.

With all regression therapy a simple test is done to establish your receptivity to regression as everyone is different and responds differently, therefore knowing your individual receptivity, allows me to better regress you.

This tends to be quite a relaxed and "informal" session but it's also healing and offers you the opportunity to ask further questions so that you feel completely comfortable when you decide to continue the process.

 Session 2 – Meeting your Spirit Guide

This session has a dual purpose and is a wonderful and gentle experience as you become consciously acquainted with your Spirit Guide(s) as this relationship between you spans over many lifetimes. ‘Formally’ meeting your guide(s) will further enrich your life experience as you become more aware of their presence and energy when you request their guidance and assistance along the way. 

There is also a point during the actual past life regression that we call on your guide(s) to assist you with certain healing required within the life being explored and already having the knowingness of their presence and energy beforehand will greatly assist you to connect with them at this important aspect of the regression. 

This session will also allow those of you who have not experienced any form of regression to become comfortable and feel safe with the entire process. You can read more about Spirit Guides on my page angels-and-spirit-guides.php 

 Session 3 – Past Life Regression

In this session we will be taken to the past life which is affecting you the most in the current one as we establish behaviour and emotional patterns which have become part of your cellular memory and most often tend to create illnesses, ailments, inexplicable phobias and why we tend to beat our heads against the same wall time and time again. 

You are given the time to explore the life to fulfill your natural curiosity, however, I will “move” you around to the most significant events of that life, because my intention is to establish emotions, thoughts, decisions, vows, promises, patterns, conditioning, programming etc within that lifetime, as these are contained in your cellular that require healing and releasing. 

A great amount of insight is gained in this session from the information I manage to gather as you relate your experience back to me as to why we do the things we do or how we do them, and/or we seem to attract similar people and situations and even physical pain/discomfort we experience have emotional/psychological attachments to the past.

 Session 4 – Cellular Memory Healing 

This may well be the most important of all the sessions as we heal all the shadow emotional and physical imprints – one at a time – from the list I made during the past life explored, These shadows have carried over as part of your cellular memory and have found a “home” and become stuck in your current body and need releasing and healing. This is not to say that you will never again require medical attention in the future, but rather being aware of the emotional triggers, paying attention and then acting on dealing with them immediately, it is possible to either avoid many illness/ailments or at the very least accelerate any physical healing required should they occur by combining self-awareness and soul knowledge with conventional medicine. During this session we will also deal with releasing the promises, vows etc made due to the circumstances in that lifetime.   

A great deal of healing will occur from each of these sessions; and once the cycle is complete it can often be life-changing therefore your life as you have known it will be turned on its head and can cause you to be thrown out of the comfort zone you have resided in up to this point. Each individual evolves, processes and heals at their own pace therefore it will take dedication, intention and focus, patience and a commitment from you – to yourself - to fully heal and therefore do the necessary work afterwards. In-so-doing you will find all the spiritual support you need, and I will also be available to you for as long as you need me to be.


This particular technique I have been certified to carry out was developed at The Sothic Centre, in the UK and is also registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Certification can be found on the page about-me.php   

From my personal experience of past life regression whereas it took me ten years of hard work and unnecessary pain and turmoil to figure out how to heal the influences completely, this is the most effective and helpful technique I have come across. I find the most beneficial aspect being that we cover all the bases - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual from these sessions. Furthermore, we also establish your personal body language and trigger’s that alert you to shadow influences as mirrors for whatever is occurring in your life that requires further exploration. In addition you are provided with self-healing tools to work with other or similar issues that may arise from time to time in the future. Each session I have carried out, has presented me with new insights therefore I have incorporated my own techniques to further benefit my clients. 

Will I fall asleep and lose personal control while regressed?

For those who have not explored a regression of any sort, it is important to note that being regressed does not mean you are asleep, “zonked” out or under the therapist’s control in any way. These regression techniques are carried out through a gentle guided type of hypnotic meditation / relaxation and you can hear and understand everything I say and/or ask and you will remember your experience clearly.

What if I can’t be regressed?

Each individual has a different Representation System Preference therefore we are all either more Visual, Kinaesthetic, Auditory or Auditory Digital as well as a combination of all four. I carry out a simple test with each individual to establish which is most apparent for them, so as to assist me with the induction by using the terminology pertaining to their most effective response. Depending on which is most apparent will determine the regressed state you will experience. If for example you are kinaesthetic, you may sense and feel your experiences rather that see vivid pictures as you would if you are visual, but this takes nothing away from the actual experience regardless of the category you fall under. 

Understanding your individual Representation System Preference and by letting go of any attempt to control the process and go with the flow, there is no reason why you cannot benefit from any regression therapies. 

How do I know it’s not just my imagination?

In all regression therapies I do, this is probably the most common question asked of me, and my answer has to be that you can have the most active and vivid imagination on the planet when describing events, situations and people but you cannot fake the emotions and other physical experiences you have while in a regressed state as you are fully engaged with your soul. When you resurface back into present time and space, the impressions you receive about how the events experienced in a regressed state, have effected you throughout your life are so insightful and non-judgemental, thus allowing you to fully understand the bigger picture, there will be no doubt they come from a higher aspect of yourself rather than from any imagined scenario you ego-self could possibly conjure up. 

What if I find out I was someone really dreadful or evil in my past life?

Another common, although varied question as in some instances some prefer to believe and/or hope they were someone great and powerful like Cleopatra. My answer to any questions pertaining to past life characters is that all of us have been the lowest aspect of ourselves at some point or other during our various incarnations for the purpose of our soul evolution. It is not as important to find out whom you were or what you did but rather to learn all you can from that experience to further your soul growth. In most cases very ‘ordinary’ lives are explored because it’s the events and situations that we faced and experienced and how they effected us in that particular era and so forth, that has left the shadow fingerprints in our cellular memories. These imprints carry over from lifetime to lifetime until they are dealt with and healed. I cannot tell you which lifetime you will explore or force you to explore any one in particular. You will choose which door you wish to walk through as in this regressed state you are operating from a soul rather than a physical personality level and your soul-self knows exactly which lifetime to explore and will guide you to it. It is also important not to have expectations about whom or what you might have been or what may have happened. 

Even if you have had some experience with past life exploration you may need to experience a different lifetime than the one you have prior knowledge about therefore by trying to control the journey towards a particular lifetime will backfire by creating a block and in effect the immense opportunity to heal this aspect of your life will be missed.

What if I’ve already explored a past life, gained lots of insight and information but do not know how to heal as a result?

This is a common occurrence with what I call an A-Z past life exploration but all is not lost. If this is the case, then a partial aspect of that life can be re-explored followed up with session 3. As each case is unique, an assessment of how to proceed will be made accordingly, so please feel free to contact me if this is what you are requiring at this time.

Should you have further questions, and for pricing regarding Past Life Regression or other therapies, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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