At the Conscious Healing Centre, 19 Penguin Drive, Fourways, Sandton


The Spirit Guide meeting regression is one of the 4 sessions in the Past Life Healing process but over the years numerous clients and friends who didn’t feel they needed Past Life Regression but wished to meet their Spirit Guide asked me if I they could do that session on its own. Not seeing any reason why not, I started doing these sessions individually as well, and from there running a group regressive meditation followed.

The group setting also provides a means of giving anyone who cannot afford a one-on-one session the opportunity to experience this event as well as for regular clients who enjoy the weekly relaxation and connection with their Guides. 

It is entirely up to the individual whether they wish to participate as a once-off or ‘repeat’ the experience weekly, monthly or however often they prefer.

The Experience

This is a wonderful and gentle experience as you become consciously acquainted with your Spirit Guide(s) as this relationship between you spans over many lifetimes. ‘Formally’ meeting your guide(s) will further enrich your life experience as you become more aware of their presence and energy when you request their guidance and assistance along your sacred journey.  Regression is a very gentle, safe, peaceful and relaxing process when conducted by a certified regression therapist. It is a deep form of guided meditation connecting us to our super-conscious mind – our higher self – our soul self – and it is when we are in that space that we find Truth and understanding of the higher purpose of our being and are thus open to “formally meeting” our Heavenly helpers.

  • Monday or Thursday evenings – minimum 6 / maximum 8 participants 
  • must be pre-booked and eft payment confirmation due to limited participation and venue booking
  • Held at the Conscious Healing Centre, 19 Penguin Drive, Fourways, Sandton
  • 6 – 8pm – off-street, secured and covered parking on site
  • R250.00 per person (includes tea & coffee) (valued at R750.00 for one-on-one sessions)

*Have something light to eat beforehand 

*Wear something loose and comfortable, warm, clothing

*As regression is best done lying down, bring a yoga mat or something comfortable to lie on and 2 pillows (1 for your head and the other below your knees to support your back) a light throw or blanket – although room is heated, our body temperature drops when we are in a deeply relaxed meditative state.


….Allow yourself the time and space to receive this beautiful Divine gift….

 To Book & Other Information

**** As I will be working in the UK for approx 2 months from 19 July, the group will resume upon my return *****

To book your space for a Monday or Thursday of your choice and bank details or if you have any questions please contact me by email or 

call me on 082 4944 625.  

If you would like more info about Spirit Guides you can also read my article on this site angels-and-spirit-guides.php 

 Some frequently asked questions about Regression / Hypnotherapy – others can also be found on this sit under 


Will I fall asleep and lose personal control while regressed?

For those who have not explored a regression of any sort, it is important to note that being regressed does not mean you are asleep, “zonked” out or under the therapist’s control in any way. These regression techniques are very safe and carried out through a gentle guided type of hypnotic meditation / relaxation and you can hear and understand everything I say and/or ask and you will remember your experience clearly. You can never be forced to carry out any instruction or suggestion if it goes against your moral fibre. 

What if I can’t be regressed?

Each individual has a different Representation System Preference therefore we are all either more Visual, Kinaesthetic, Auditory or Auditory Digital as well as a combination of all four. Depending on which is most apparent will determine the regressed state you will experience. If for example you are kinaesthetic, you may sense and feel your experiences rather that see vivid pictures as you would if you are visual, but this takes nothing away from the actual experience regardless of the category you fall under. 

How do I know it’s not just my imagination?

In all regression therapies I do, this is probably the most common question asked of me, and my answer has to be that you can have the most active and vivid imagination on the planet when describing events, situations and people but you cannot fake the emotions and other physical experiences you have while in a regressed state as you are fully engaged with your soul. 

When you resurface back into present time and space, the impressions you receive about how the events experienced in a regressed state, have effected you throughout your life are so insightful and non-judgemental, thus allowing you to fully understand the bigger picture, there will be no doubt they come from a higher aspect of yourself rather than from any imagined scenario you ego-self could possibly conjure up.  

 Namaste and Blessings

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