Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei means “universal wisdom” and Ki means “life energy”. Reiki is therefore vital life energy guided by Universal Wisdom. 

Reiki is pronounced – “Ray-Key”

Reiki is universal and is not connected to any Religion or belief system, but embraces and enhances all such beliefs, bringing greater understanding and a clearer direction. Indeed Reiki is Light and as such a very powerful tool for lifting the many veils of intellectual interpretation of religion and spirituality, allowing the essence to shine through. It puts you more in touch with your faith or religion, allowing your ascent to plateau where all things are seen with greater clarity.


Reiki is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and balancing whilst greatly enhancing personal growth.



     Heals Body, Mind and Spirit

    Works on causes of illness

     Releases Stress

     Develops a positive attitude

     Balances energy and chakras

     Increases energy

    Enhances personal Growth

    Expands creativity        


Most cultures and religions have a term which corresponds to Ki (energy), for example :-


   Chi                                            - Chinese

   Light of the Holy Spirit                 - Christian

   Prana                                        - Hindu and Yoga                                                     

   Mana                                        - The Kahunas of Hawaii

   Jesod                                       - Jewish Cabalists

   Orgon Energy                            - Wilhelm Reich

   Wakan                                     - Sioux 

All these terms refer to the same energy. All different systems require different methods of contacting this energy. Reiki is one of the easiest and most effective methods of natural healing.

Reiki can be used to treat anything on any level and is an effective method of maintaining a balanced well-being. It is based mainly on a “hands-on” system of healing. Everyone will instinctively place a hand on an area of the body where there is pain or injury. When you have Reiki this action will trigger instant, recognisable healing power.

Although Reiki works gently and effectively on physical healing, it works at a much deeper level where there may be deep mental, emotional, and physical blocks or imbalances which may be causing the physical problem and must be released. It works at the causal level of illness, not just the symptom, whilst wholeling the person by balancing energies and cleansing toxins. Reiki is not just for when you are ill, it helps you live your life at your own highest level, restoring balance and control.


Reiki is an intelligent energy and may well move and treat a different area than the part of the body the therapists hands are in contact with. This is perfectly normal as the energy will perform the function the body requires e.g. pain in the upper back may be caused by an imbalance in the lower back. Another experience often encountered is that the recipient can feel your hands are in contact with different areas of the body and it seems as if there are several people working on the healing. This can be caused by a number of reasons:

  Reiki moving through different energy centres throughout the body

  Divine beings called Reiki Guides sometimes assist in the healing

  It could also simply be caused by a very deep state of relaxation bringing about an altered state of sensory awareness

  Whatever the reason, it is a sign of very positive healing.

Reiki is a very effective system for stress-release, frequently altering attitudes and balancing the personality. Equilibrium of chakra energy centres and vital meridians is established in the physical and the finer energy body. Another advantage of Reiki is that it helps maintain good health on all levels; it reduces the cost of health care and drugs and will also help to control the anticipation of illness which will so often cause it. Reiki is also beneficial when dove-tailed for anyone when undergoing conventional medical treatments without interference but rather it will enhance and greatly assist the patient.

You cannot receive too much or too little Reiki. A short session is better than none at all, but whenever possible a whole body treatment is preferred. A short session will help relieve symptoms of a problem but a whole treatment has the advantage of completely relaxing the whole body thereby releasing stress, and works on problems we do not know are there. It is a natural system of energy healing which can never do harm as the receiver is taking what is required, the healer is not forcing it.


Reiki helps to nurture high level well-being by working on the whole mind, body and spirit. Through using Reiki we raise the vibratory level of the body, resulting in our whole being ascending to a higher plane of life. Reiki creates balance, harmony, control and peace.


The Five Reiki Principles:

        1. Let go of anger today

        2. Let go of worry today

        3. Be grateful today

        4. Just for today: Work hard on yourself

        5. Just for today be kind to others 

 Reiki Distant Healing Sessions are available to you no matter where you may be in the world. Should you wish to book a session please contact me via email with your name, request and basic information. In-depth details are not required as Reiki is a Divine Intelligent Energy and you will receive the healing you require. For your convenience you can make your secured payment for the session using PayPal by clicking on the button below. Thank you. Namaste. 

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