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 I offer quality, professional and intuitive Body, Mind, Spirit therapies in a serene, relaxing, safe and healing environment. 

Available Monday - Friday and by appointment only as I prefer to take my time so that you may benefit fully from the treatment and the full assessment/consultation provided after each one so that I may facilitate you along your soul journey at this time. 

My average rate is R500 per session - these are all approx 90 min long (excl. PL Regression) 

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment please got to contact-me.php 

When we place our pure intention and focus on healing any aspect of our lives, we propel it into manifestation....  

this means making the time and effort necessary to do whatever it takes. 

When we show the Universe that we are serious in our request for healing, we are showered with blessings, courage, strength and support along the way. However, if we use the lack of time as an excuse, in effect what we are telling the Universe, is that we are not really deserving of living a joyful, balanced life, so why would we expect our prayer for healing to be heard and answered?. 

The old saying "God helps those who help themselves" says it perfectly.  


"Taking the decision and making the commitment to heal any aspect of your life that is clearly making you miserable and suffocating your joy, may just be the bravest, most challenging, frustrating and sometimes painful step you will take along your sacred journey through this life, and yet when you come through it all, it is by far the most rewarding too....... read more the-healing-process.php 

What if, just for today, you stopped feeling invisible….

What if, just for today, you shed the cloak of aloneness…

What if, just for today, you took centre stage in your life…

What if, just for today, you made your voice heard….

What if, just for today, you danced with reckless abandon…

What if, just for today, you stop caring what others may think….

What if, just for today, you let love in…

What if, just for today, you reached for the stars…

What if, just for today, you set your spirit free….

What if, just for today, you allowed yourself to shine…

What if?.....

Loyalty Reward (exchange of energy) Program 

Did you know that my Loyalty Reward (exchange of energy) Program is not just for my clients, if you reside in South Africa or have friends and family here, you can benefit too?

As a client, and from your first session, you are rewarded with every 6th session being free. 

Non-clients are rewarded on a referral basis – for every 5 clients you refer to me and have a treatment, you can redeem your reward either for a treatment for yourself, or in the form of a gift voucher for a friend or family member, valued at R450.

No catch but minor T&C’s do apply.

How does it get better than that?

If you are interested in joining my loyalty reward program on a referral basis, please go to contact-me.php

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