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 Whenever I feel the need and/or ask for something inspiring or informative to write about, a word(s) or phrase pops into my head and tends to stay there with a nagging persistence that interrupts every other thought or idea and simply refuses to let up until I begin to put pen to paper. This is what happened this morning… “Angels & Spirit Guides” over and over; round and round teasing me – pulling me to put pen to paper so here I am a willing participant in the process of receiving some Divine inspiration to share with all of you who will read this.

Sometimes when the subject of Spirit Guides comes up with clients or friends, I’m faced with a blank stare or a semblance of confusion, which I don’t generally get regarding Angels, so not surprisingly this particular subject I’ve been prompted to write about seems quite appropriate.

Undoubtedly every human on the planet knows something about Angels as they are mentioned in every scripture know to man, but little is known or written about Spirit Guides, so for the most part, these incredible Beings of Light go undetected so to speak and subsequently unappreciated for the significant role they play in our life – lives actually, present, past and future ones. If you are skeptical about or opposed to the concept of reincarnation you might want to stop reading now, or you can choose to read on with an open mind and perhaps accept the possibility that our benevolent Creator gives as many chances as we need to get it “right” so that we reach the final destination of our soul journey which is our permanent Home – our everlasting return Source where we belong.

 Angels are ethereal Beings of pure Love and Light who do not; and have not incarnated as Earthly mortals to experienced life as we do, but when certain circumstances are called for, they have the ability to show themselves in human form – shape shift if you will for as long as necessary. There is only record of two Archangels known to have been mortal men - Sandalphon and Metatron. Doreen Virtue Ph.D writes in her book “Archangels & Ascended Masters”:- “Sandalphon was the prophet Elijah, and Metatron was the wise man Enoch. God gave both men their immortal assignments as Archangels to reward their good work upon Earth, allowing them to continue their sacred service from Heaven”. You can research this further, but I wish to focus on Spirit Guides and the roles they play as I understand it from my own Guides who love to share their knowledge with me.

Our Guides work side by side with the Angels but in short, Angels - even our Guardian Angel - can work with many of us simultaneously at any given time, whereas our primary Spirit Guide(s) have an individual sacred contract with us which was been mutually agreed upon prior to our incarnations, and are assigned to us as their subjects, and are therefore our constant companions, helping us with our daily endeavours.

We also have “secondary” Guides – specialists in their field so to speak when we are working on a particular project or engrossed in one of our Divine gifts or talents such as art, music, writing etc, and therefore these Guides only come into our space for specific reasons. Quite often you will hear an artist or musician say for example, that when they are in their creative space it’s as though they seem to be transported to another timeless place and their work seems to come through them without conscious thought. This is also quite apparent with healers and therapist who work intuitively with their clients rather than go by the proverbial text book, except that most often they also have healing Angels and Guides working alongside them.

These evolved Beings of Light have already experienced the full spectrum of human incarnations – the good, the bad and the ugly - and rarely feel the need to incarnate again, and by their own free will only choose to do so - and mostly for a relatively short period of time, if and when they feel they have somehow lost touch with what it feels like to be trapped in this vehicle of a body that carries us through life, or our immense struggle with ego, and can therefore no longer “relate” to their subjects experiences sufficiently so as to effectively assist them along their Earth journey. Much the same as with Angels, and in extreme circumstance, our Guides also have the ability to shape-shift into human form for short spells.

Due to their own past human experiences with all it’s ego entrenched pitfalls, they understand and clearly remember living as human’s – how difficult the journey can be and how trapped our spirit feels in the body. How it feels to fail and fall, and have to get up again bruised yet hopeful, to doubt, fear, struggle, disbelieve and to forget that we are always connected to Source and separation is impossible because we are never alone, never abandoned, never cast aside, judged or condemned by Heaven.

Sometimes – but not always – our Guides may have shared past lives with us as parents, siblings, friends, teachers, students, lovers and/or even enemies, in which case we choose them because they know us so well - our strengths and our weaknesses and the challenges we have chosen to overcome as the spiritual beings essentially having a human experience that we all are. There may also be some past Earthly issues, spiritual rewards or unfinished business between us that we want to balance out and therefore choose to do so as Guide and subject. The reasons for our choice to share any given lifetime in a spiritual/physical manner are limitless but always serve ours and their highest good regardless, as there is no imbalance – not even in decision making in our real home, the Spirit world.

 The core purpose of our Spirit Guides(s) is to help and guide us along this sometimes difficult journey called life whether or not we accept or acknowledge their presence. They are privy to the lessons and experiences we chose for our Earth journey and helped us prepare our departure and for what lies ahead, and when the time comes, they are there to welcome us back home with open arms, joy and even laughter. They gently steer and nudge us along the way as much as we allow them to, although granted they may also give us a swift kick in the butt from time to time if necessary – certainly that has been my experience when I drag my feet to heal imbalances in my life that keep me from reaching my ultimate goal.

Just like Angels, our Spirit Guides are never intrusive and neither do they interfere with our free will choices and will therefore stand back until we ask for their help and/or intervention. So even their occasional kick in the butt is always done out of compassion and void of judgement because prior to incarnating, we gave them permission to do so if need be, which is why sometimes it may feel as though we got the exact opposite of what we prayed for. However, when we ask for help it is given – always – but sometimes we may need a little or big wake up call to propel us to clear the path and manifest our answered prayer. Spiritual slaps on the wrist are never carried out maliciously or as a means of punishment, but rather it’s our beautiful Heavenly teachers’ way of reminding us that we are steering off track from the unique map we charted out for ourselves

 Another function of Spirit Guides is to assist and facilitate when our life work involves helping heal other people’s lives in whatever form it takes – physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual, and in such cases the “healers” Guides and their client’s ones are in communication with each other before and during the session, so the “recipient” will be assisted and/or healed accordingly and for their highest good at the time, but as with everything, we have the free will to accept and receive, or deny and reject that which is being shared. Even healing or not healing ourselves and our lives is a free will choice – be it a conscious or subconscious one.

In effect, all of us are potentially Guides in training and when we have completed the full spectrum and cycle of our mortal lifetimes, and our soul has evolved to a higher level of our being that is no longer attached to the drama of it all, and no longer requires to experience the many polarities and challenges the Earth plane has to offer so as to evolve further, we too may choose to stay at Home and offer our service as Spirit Guides to other souls along their Earthly adventures, and our training as student Guides begins. Spirit Guides also continue their own soul evolution towards becoming teacher guides and specialist guides and so forth except that their work with us – while on Earth or in Spirit - instigates much of their own evolution, therefore as we grow and evolve, so do our guides and they too are rewarded for their good work and are “promoted” accordingly and in perfect Divine order.

 It begs the question as to why then, there are still evil, wicked and cruel people in this world? That is another subject altogether but suffice it to say that these individuals choose to live unconsciously and detached from Divine Light and Love. Free will is exactly that – it’s FREE, unconditional and unrestricted, and as we all posses a shadow side that challenges us at every turn, we have the capacity to live our lives from a place of darkness or a place of light. However, at any time these individuals are willing and ready to embrace their true Divinity, and take responsibility for their spiritual evolution, they are welcomed back into the eternal embrace of love with open arms.

Creating a conscious relationship with your Spirit Guide is much the same as doing so with Angels – acknowledge their presence and how they work in your life by paying more attention to everyday “coincidences”, “accidents” and synchronicity by connecting the dots and following the many signs we continuously receive from them. Thank and appreciate them daily for their unconditional love and patience and for putting up with your human failings without judgement. In Spirit we communicate with each other telepathically and there are no language barriers therefore we can have mental discussions with our Creator, Guides and Angels while here on Earth especially because they know and understand the language of the pure love we hold in our sacred heart – the true international language. Becoming acquainted with your Guide can be fun and exciting and although highest respect is called for in all spiritual endeavours, it’s okay to keep it light and enjoy the process, as our Guides too have a sense of humour and Angels love to play. If you feel the need for a more “formal introduction” to your Spirit Guide you can go into a meditation on your own if you are comfortable with the process, or you can ask a qualified therapist or healer to facilitate the process through a guided meditation or regression.

 You may wonder how one can determine whether it’s our Angels or Spirit Guides at our side in our time of need. When you begin to form a relationship with the Angels and with your Guides, you will come to know the subtle differences of the presence and energy you feel around you, and sometimes both Angels and Guides have answered your call for help simultaneously, but ultimately it does really it matter? Sometimes you will experience the presence of your Spirit Guide as an Angel and sometimes you will experience your Angel as your Spirit Guide, whatever the case may be, their intention is always for your highest good so they will make their presence known in whichever way resonates most with you at the time. Simply trust and have faith in the fact that as a child of the Creator, you are loved and cherished so deeply that you are never left to fumble along in the dark and go it alone.

Our Guides and Angels have profound compassion, respect and understanding for all humanity because they know that it truly does take a great deal of courage and commitment for us to leave our Home to come and experience an Earthly life, with our spirit trapped in a body and mind wrought with ego and “amnesia” as one of our biggest challenges.

For the higher purpose of our chosen experiences on the Earth plane, we have to forget that we already know Truth. We already know that all of this is merely an illusion created to pander to the polarization of the diverse experience’s we require in order to grow, evolve, and balance the past, and that our time here is fleeting so we need to make the most of it. We already know why we have chosen to come back to a plane of existence we are never truly feel comfortable in – we have simply forgotten, and when the journey is over, we will remember again.

It is an indisputable fact that our benevolent Creator loves each and every one of us unconditionally, therefore when we pray or ask for guidance and help with pure intention, even when we are in the darkest of places, Heaven’s army is sent to our side. 

 We are never left alone… abandoned… or neglected...   Everything and everyone has a higher purpose of Being.

Kind of nice to know isn’t it? 

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