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A Collective Angel Message 

As I patiently waited for the customary “inspirational pull” to start working on the Angel Messages for November, and it wasn’t forthcoming, I began to wonder if all the Angels had gone off to Tahiti on vacation and were happily sipping little umbrella decorated cocktails on the beach and forgot to synchronize our schedule before leaving. Last night I started to get edgy as it was already the 8th and as I put my head on the pillow – the Angels enjoy ‘messing’ with me that way – the above title popped into my head and up I got to make some notes because I knew there was something brewing as these sudden spurts of insight are never random or fickle. It was then that I realised there would be only one message for all, so here it is – lengthy no doubt but written as received.

At first glance it may seem that this message pertains only to ‘practicing’ holistic healers, therapists and light-workers, however this is not the case, although that issue will also be addressed herein. This message is for everyone who is seeking to, already living consciously and/or in the process of great inner shifts that are affecting their exterior world. All of you reading this message are already doing so on some level or you wouldn’t have felt drawn to it in the first place.

Whether or not you are aware of it, all of you and many others are spreading light and love into the world in an era that is rife with ever-increasing dark hot-spots, by simply going about your daily activities. For some of you it is your job as therapists to facilitate and help your clients shift and grow with the myriad of therapies, techniques and tools available to the general public. Granted there are charlatan’s out there so it is as vital to choose therapists as discriminately as you would a heart surgeon if you needed one, but that’s another subject altogether.

Therapist’s aside, as conscious beings you are responsible for the many shifts taking place on your plane of existence and have within you the power to literally change the world – starting with yourself and then one person at a time. Too many of you still doubt or fear this innate power and therefore underestimate yourselves and the vital role you are playing. We are One! Your every word, thought and deed – be it positive, negative, loving or unkind - has a ripple effect on the lives of those around you and consequently spreads out to the rest of humanity. Not one single person is an insignificant grain of sand randomly placed on earth. All of you fit into the collective puzzle in one way or another because you are in a constant state of teaching and learning by example since you all mirror something another person needs to look at and vice-versa.

When you are faced with someone or something inspiring, you light up like Christmas trees and spread the word around like wild fire because it ignites the passion in your soul, and you know you've learnt something good or profound. On the other hand, when an atrocity occurs you are just as quick to jump on the bandwagon and spread it around - which is right because it creates awareness and hopefully ultimate justice – but you get so focused and involved in judging and casting blame that you fail to step back and see the lesson it has brought to your attention. 

At the very least be grateful that for the most part, you live consciously and try to imagine what your life would be like if you lived as unconsciously as the perpetrator(s) then watch the light bulbs go off in your head. Begin to acknowledge the many opportunities to learn something about yourself, which the proverbial big bad world stares you in the face every day.

Earth is a planet of polarities and you are faced with both sides of the coin moment by moment and the only way you will ever be able to change the negatives into positives is by accepting that the negatives also carry a Divine gift to honestly and fearlessly look into the mirror of introspection even if you know you’re not particularly going to like what you see reflecting back. Everything is Divine – good and bad, cruelty and kindness, sadness and joy, wealth and poverty etc. 

However, at the risk of misinterpretation it needs to be said that what is meant by that statement pertains to the personal lesson the event presents you with, and in no way, shape or form condones abuse, cruelty and any heinous act. Just like the Earth, as humans you bear the same polarities and whether you care to admit it or not, under certain circumstances you too have the ability to be cruel and even take another life, so when you see something happen that repels you, take a good look within and heal anything that could trigger that exact behaviour in you – this is the Divine personal lesson we speak of. You cannot assume to know another, until you fully and completely know yourself so that you may maintain a higher consciousness of being and continue to evolve ever more.

When you study the masters that have come before and those who walk the earth today, you will notice that they worked - and in many cases continue to work - with the lowest of the low and least conscious of people because they’re the one’s who’ve needed to be awakened from their slumber to literally see the light. You respect and admire these masters, some are even idolised and made into demigods, yet sadly too many consciously aware people preach the masters teachings, but fail to walk the talk and have become spiritual snobs preferring to interact solely with like-minded people because it’s so much easier to help them grow, than to do so with someone from the ground up.

When was the last time you explained basic spiritual concepts to someone who lives unconsciously? One of your most important tasks as light-workers is to get out of your spiritually-minded clique and ask yourselves that very question on a regular basis. We are not talking about conventional religion; or going into the world converting and gathering ‘lost’ souls into your preferred flock, and creating yet another human-minded religion around spirituality which is already happening. We’re talking about explaining the basic spiritual principal of how your actions and words can destroy just as easily as they can elevate someone’s spirit and the universal law of cause and effect – that when you steal from someone for example - be it their possessions, time or energy - it will boomerang back to you and there is no avoiding it. When you over-extend and continuously give without allowing yourself to receive because you feel guilty and needy asking for help, it does not make you a saint and it certainly won’t guarantee you a halo when you depart your plane of existence. What it does however, is create the exact same boomerang effect – an exchange of energy is exactly that – an exchange – favourable or not, it doesn’t and cannot discriminate.  

This brings us to the subject of practicing holistic healers, therapists, clairvoyants, psychics and many other light-workers – they are people too – pioneers in an era where their Divine work is their career and they have to balance home and family and just like everyone else need to earn a living in a world where currency is a necessity for survival. One of the biggest challenges facing the modern day healer is their constant need to maintain a spiritual / physical balance, unlike in eras gone by whereas their worldly needs were taken care of by the community. Hope and faith doesn’t appease the bank manager when their account is overdrawn or when a bill to a supplier is overdue etc. One cannot go into a shop and buy a book offering life-changing tools for example, without paying for it, so why would anyone imagine that it’s okay to seek counselling or healing from someone who has paid to develop their innate gift and expertise, for the certificates on their wall, and the financial lay-out to make their therapy room into a healing sanctuary for all who go there, and not pay for a session?

Practicing healers are people too…..

Keeping their moral spiritual dignity in tact, they live between worlds – spiritual / physical – their feet on the ground and their head in the clouds, and are constantly faced with having to break the mold society has created around their profession and in some instances not only justify why they charge for their therapies, but also have to set boundaries and assert themselves without feeling guilty when clients, friends and family expect them to always be readily available. They too need time out from all things spiritual and come ‘back to earth’ at the end of the work day, interact normally with family and friends, take care of mundane chores and play or relax in their free time especially as oftentimes they are called to work on another level while their body sleeps. Just like any employee or executive in a run-of-the-mill company, an exhausted healer is not much good to his or her clients. The healthiest most effective and successful healers are those who understand this and have managed to integrate it into everyday life, kick up their heals once in a while and have themselves a jolly good time when occasion arises, knowing that come morning when they step back into their therapy room, none of their ability has diminished, but rather it has been enhanced and their energy re-charged. It’s because they live in the “real” world and experience all of its many high’s and lows, that they are afforded the ability to relate to their clients more effectively. Play is the Angel’s way and healers more than most should remain mindful of that.

You are all healers…. You are all people…. thus all people are healers too… some know it and have made it their career and life’s work, others heal through their daily interactions with colleagues, family and friends, Without knowing how, they may have changed the course of a complete stranger’s life with kindly spoken words at just the right moment, or by offering their dear friend a shoulder to cry on. Nothing is quite as healing or nurturing as a mothers touch and embrace, so just like practicing healers, mothers (Mr mom’s included) and home-makers need to apply the same principal and understand that when all they do is give…. well, the boomerang effect applies.

All the individual Angel messages you have received, encourage and inspire you to find ways to balance and heal your lives, to develop and evolve but until you acknowledge and accept that you are in fact your own healer, who may require help from practicing light-workers from time to time, the guidance you receive from the Angel’s month after month will begin to fall short of your expectations. The Angel’s, Guides, Ascended Masters and other Spirit helpers stand by ready and waiting to support anyone who calls on them for help, but just like everything else, including your therapists and so forth, they cannot do the work for you, they can only give you the tools, guide you and facilitate the process.

The reason that you have been sent a collective message this month is because you all needed to hear this. Each one of you is in the perfect place of your personal development to gain insight and understanding from this one message, so that you may continue doing whatever it is you do - no matter how mundane or ineffective you may perceive it to be - that fills the dark hot-spots and envelopes your world with Divine healing, light and love, that will ultimately create positive and loving shifts in your personal life too – a boomerang exchange of energy.

Angel Blessings to all….

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