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 Change is inevitable and can be uncomfortable and painful at times, but it is possible for us to 

Be At One With it…..


 We cannot change other people or their behaviour towards us. Not only does trying to do so send us on a fool’s errand; it also distracts us from seeing what is truly required in order to evolve consciously in any area of our lives that is intertwined with someone else’s. 

They must want to acknowledge that change is required in the first place, and then be willingly to take the steps required in order to do so. If we choose to sit around and wait for the other person(s) to change, we will be in a perpetual state of disappointment and never ending forgiveness but never actually resolving anything. Therefore, the shifts have to occur within ourselves.

We have to be honest with ourselves and take responsibility for the role we play that enables things to continue in an undesirable manner. If we are able to - with absolute honesty - explore and bring to our conscious awareness what it is about ourselves that allows us to “accept” unacceptable behaviour or situations in our lives, and work from there, only then can we create the desired outcome.

It is pointless to blame and shame knowing that we have inadvertently had a hand in creating the undesirable in our life, and quite often we need to look as far back at our early conditioning – how we were brought up - how and when our perceptions and learnt behaviour was developed. 

Our individual perception aught to develop and grow just as we do, however, quite often we still unconsciously operate from the basis of our limited childhood perceptions. In other words, we have grown up, but our perceptions have not. And then we wonder why we are stuck and can’t get over the hurdle in front of us and move forward?

If life is not working for us however, it is our sole responsibility to pinpoint the root cause and then make the necessary changes required instead of staying stuck in the past, or using our past as an excuse as to why it is not working for us, and therefore we cannot move beyond our circumstances.

There is no-one or anything to blame – that is just another excuse that ego and fear challenge us with so as to remain stuck, because for most part, the way we think or do things is generational stacked one on top of the other as far back as when the world was created – a fact of life if you will – mostly through behaviour or reaction by the most influential people in our lives from our first breath. 

Our parents were taught by their parents what they teach us, and what we in turn teach our children. We set our children’s earliest conditioning, just as our parents set ours, and just as their parents set theirs, and the cycle continues….

As we grow and expand from our immediate environment, our teachers, ministers, our peers and their frames of reference, and society as a whole set in more conditioning and programming.

In general, this is how we all “lose” our true essence. Slow but sure we forget who we actually are, and what we actually think about – anything! 

How many of our thoughts are actually our own, and how many have we adopted based on other people’s perceptions, experiences, programming or conditioning?

Within the process of maturing into adulthood, the day inevitably comes when we choose to stop living so externally and begin our spiritual quest, wishing to live a more conscious life, but again, our enthusiasm to learn and experience as much as we can at the rate of knots, aside from the information overload that only creates more confusion, we can also quite easily get trapped into more conditioning that dictates how, what or why we should do or not do things in order to become more spiritual.

We are in effect all products of programmed conditioning, and there is seemingly no way out of this cycle except by breaking it ourselves – drawing the line in the sand so to speak. 

Easier said than done, I assure you.

Spiritual conditioning is the most extreme and therefore a presents a “dangerous” obstacle along our sacred journey, when we choose to follow blindly the truth of others without ensuring that it truly does resonate with our own experience which aught to be the fundamental premise upon which we rely in our search for personal truth.

Someone else’s truth – even that of a spiritual teacher/master - does not necessarily have to be your truth too. Their Nirvana experience is theirs alone, just as your Nirvana experience is yours alone.

It takes a great deal of determination, willingness and commitment to do the inner work required to break away and find who we truly are. We cannot fully heal until we learn to do some mental housekeeping and sieving to access our own original thoughts, thus allowing our individual perceptions to evolve and merge with our current state of being......

It is also important to understand that when we commit to working towards experiencing a more spiritual life, that our perceptions and our truth for that matter do not remain stagnant, they too need room to grow, change and develop just as you do. 

What resonated for you yesteryear at that stage of your development, may no longer resonate with you in the now, and may well change again in the future because you have grown past it. 

Give yourself permission to change your mind when your soul urges you to.


When we can completely surrender to the process, an honest self-interview is one of the most effective means of exploring and discovering our true essence.

  • How would our behaviour be different if we were being true to ourselves?
  • How much would we be willing to accept or not accept, excuse or not excuse were it not for our unconscious, programmed conditioning running in the background of our consciousness that has been steering our journey thus far?
  • Why are we so afraid of the inevitable yet positive changes that will undoubtedly unfold by healing our lives, and how many excuses will we come up with that hold us back from taking that first step?
Are we afraid that once we have healed, we will no longer have excuses to be, or not be…to do, or not do….to have, or not have…to feel, or not feel…to think, or not think?….......
                                                                 the list goes on….......

But what if healing your life replaced the people, situations and things that no longer serve your highest good with people, situations and things that do, and brought with it the gift of choosing without needing to justify your choices?

What if not wanting to do, or not do something, or being, or not being someone or whatever the case may be comes from the basis of intuitively choosing what resonates or doesn’t resonate with you, and accept that no-one else actually knows what is right for you and merely have a different point of view, and therefore your choice doesn’t have to be an excuse at all?

Would living in resonance with your highest self not bring you more freedom and peace?


Heal thyself first and thy life cannot help but follow. If once you have rediscovered your true essence, you decide to walk away from something or someone that no longer serves your higher purpose, don’t just walk out the door but then remain standing on the threshold… keep walking and don’t look back because what lies ahead in the mystery of the unknown you fear so much, is the joyful life you were meant to live.

 F.e.a.r. =  

False Evidence Appearing Real…..


Never allow fear to imprison your soul, your true essence, your spirit….


Aside from the obvious, one of the most rewarding aspects of inner exploration; is the invaluable insight you will receive along the way – always works for me, and no doubt it will work for you too….


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