Rei-gelic Therapeutic Massage©

For a Body, Mind and Spirit Experience ~ Full Body Healing Massage Therapy

Rei-gelic Massage is a combination soft touch massage I developed which encompasses the entire therapeutic and holistic experience. This is a full body aromatherapy massage combined with Reiki healing and an Angel colour therapy reading, and Angel sprays from “Divine Space.” This massage is a combination of a Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage with a blend of essential oils mixed especially for your personal and specific needs, and Reiki healing. 


The Reiki healing takes places throughout the massage as all areas of the body being massaged receive Reiki healing, release and balancing. To learn more about Reiki and it's many benefits you can go to my reiki.php page...


 The Angel colour reading provides the emotional/psychological and spiritual blocks or enhancements required and we bring the colour you have intuitively picked into our consciousness during the massage. By doing so we are also inviting Angelic healing into your therapy.


 There is a particular mind-set that is one does not feel any kind of pain during a massage, it can’t be beneficial. However, this is a myth and recent studies have shown that soft touch massage is far more beneficial than hard, grinding ones as it never hurts or bruises any of the muscles even when more pressure is applied to certain areas. As Reiki and Angel therapy are gentle by their very nature, soft touch massage resonates perfectly with your body, mind and spirit therapy.


 This is 1½ hour session that will not only benefit your body, mind and spirit but will also leave you feeling, relaxed, balanced, stress-free and wonderful as you will receive all the therapeutic benefits of 3 treatments in one.

With all massage therapies I require a Case History form to be completed and returned to me a minimum of 48 hrs prior to your session, so that I can research the best oil combinations for your specific needs. This form will be e-mailed to you when an appointment is scheduled.


To schedule an appointment please go to my  contact-me.php  page

Please note that I am a strictly professional Massage Therapist and do not offer any form of sensual massage

If you would like to treat someone special, gift vouchers are also available on request

Namaste and Blessings

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